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Author:Steve Radich - Founder BitShop, Inc.Created:1/9/2009 1:15 PM
Steve Radich, Founder of, ASPDeveloper.Net, and numerous other resource sites primary Blog

I get asked from time to time about free antivirus software recommendations.. Read my opinion on this topic..

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Do you want to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) with your IIS (Internet Information Server / Microsoft's web server) ? Watch a quick video

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Most people have switched from CRTs to LCD monitors over the past decade, however LCDs have more things that can go wrong which render them useless until repairing.  Here are some tips to know if it's time to buy a new one or repair yours.  READ MORE...

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So one day you go to turn on your laptop and nothing..  Do you replace it? Do you need to hard reboot it? Do you need a new power adapter? Do you drop it off at a repair center?  Go through these steps to check what's wrong and hopefully it will save you some $.  READ MORE..

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I saw a question online that I thought would be good to answer:

If I have an existing file server for our office, and want to keep a spare server ready to go how can I implement this?

The question actually is about cross platform Linux -> Vista backup, but I'll broaden the question a little to cover how to do this regardless of if your current server is Solaris, Linux, Samba, or Windows.  Read more..

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When you put your videos on YouTube you don't want to then try to get people to stop using them..  You'd think a media conglomerate the size of.. READ MORE

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Ever wonder what geeky teens did for social networking online in the last generation?

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I've been a little busy with a few things, like buying a developer resource site, working with some customers on some issues, testing sites on IE 8, and more..

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I was in a chat room of a presentation put on by IBM and Microsoft last week and one question was about SQL Server running inside Hyper-V. There was no great answer that I found, so I decided to.......

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Do you know what's new with your clients or prospects?

Do you know you can get notified anytime someone or something is mentioned on the Internet?

There's a free service by ....

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