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Author:Steve Radich - Founder BitShop, Inc.Created:1/9/2009 1:15 PM
Steve Radich, Founder of, ASPDeveloper.Net, and numerous other resource sites primary Blog

QWest, the telecom, using unusually strong arm tactics is refusing all email from us because they say a large % of emails going to people's accounts are accounts who have full mailboxes or no longer use QWest service (but haven't updated their email address with our customers).

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We run QuickBooks via Remote Desktop for some customers (locked down server, ONLY allows quickbooks and nothing else).  A customer trying to configure the Quickbooks PDF Printer couldn't get it to work.

When they tried to "Add Port" they received "Access Denied"

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OpenVPN, a free VPN offering, is a great solution for accessing your internal network – We support various configurations with OpenVPN including virtual offices allowing any computer in the virtual office access to any other computer.
Sometimes however you need to run more than one VPN client, the reasons for this can be complex but if you need to know how you can…

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Today I was helping a nonprofit and received a gig or so of images on a USB key from the printing company - The key was mine but they formatted it to erase the files - It wasn't FAT32 so the Mac didn't read it natively (not really sure what it was, that's beside the point).

When I got back to our office I plugged in the key and found it was an unrecognized partition - The printing company was closed by now, so I was on my own to figure out how to read a MAC USB key on my Windows desktop..

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This is a quick video walk through of how to add downloadable files to your menu in DotNetNuke.


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Windows 2008 has a new tool - Resource Monitor - which gives us some handy information in a quick, easy to visualize way. However this information doesn't come free.

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You'll have to click read more to see the screen shot and fully appreciate the fact my computer KNEW it was nice out and that I was tired anyway.

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Perhaps you have a user who can't log into ftp on Windows Server 2008 R2 / IIS 7.5.  The built in FTP server integrates nicely with active directory, however it reported bad login for a specific user even after resetting their password.. the problem was..

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I've been fighting some odd issues in our SAN and NAS server, all physical boxes share both functions so we can better utilize the disk i/o capacity.  We use NAS almost exclusively for backup, so that i/o happens during the off-peak hours for the SAN. 

I've seen a LOT of times disks are VERY slow, never been able to track down why. I added 256gb SSD storage to one and upgraded to b134 and had WORSE performance afterwards!

So what did I find?


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Sometimes applications don't seem to free up the resources they allocated after doing their processing - The most common resource is RAM when you hear this, memory leaks, however it could be other resources.

Any long running app needs to be careful that the ram is properly freed, in .Net this is relatively easy - Here's an example of not such an easy resource that APPEARS to be leaking (investigation in progress)..

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