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Help me get my infrastructure monitored

Often companies build out infrastructure, virtual machines, disk arrays, storage, web sites, and applications but aren't aware if their infrastructure is underutilized, overtaxes, or even meeting availability goals - Let us help you understand both your current state and proactively monitor for problems beforey our customers complain your services aren't meeting agreed on service levels. 

We believe some of the best monitoring solutions are open source allowing unlimited flexibility and a plug in archeticture that can be customized to meet your complex business requirements - We have experts who can configure this for any number of servers / services from a simple web site monitoring to an enterprise solution with hundreds or thousands of services to monitor.

We work with you to customize the solution to meet your needs, because any monitoring solution is only as good as the customizations that make it check not only the obvious items but the less obvious items that keep your business running smoothly. We leverage our extensive devops experience to ensure your application uptime is maximized. 

Pricing starts at $1500 which gets you:

  • 30-45 minute business discussion to define the high level objectives and service levels your organization is looking to meet
  • Next we then engage the appropriate technical contacts in your organization to get an understanding from them of security requirements (firewalls), server locations, services under management, types of servers (Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.)
  • We set up a proof of concept monitoring solution to meet several of your business goals and report on this within usually 2 weeks from engagement.
  • We produce a suggested list of additional tasks to meet your full monitoring requirements - This initial job will have your basic infrastructure monitored in many circumstances and your staff can take over adding items either on their own, with our assistance, or we can continue adding items for you as a full service solution.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you with a contract which will include a request for credit card information or other payment arrangements to begin this process.

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