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About our Data Center / Facilities

We previously had built out our own data center space, electric, air conditioning, generators, etc. Several years ago we decided moving to a "meeting place" for all the internet providers was better for our customers than having our own center. Given the drastic reduction in square feet per cpu cycle and increased heat we decided we didn't want to spend our days upgrading air condioning, we wanted to concentrate on technical tasks.

We chose to move into a building owned by Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX). They provide the largest meeting areas for internet companies to exchange data, we keep your servers within the Ashburn, Virginia IBX - One of the largest in the entire world. Ashburn is a suburb of Washington, DC and has been home of Worldcom, AOL, numerous data centers, and many more technology companies.  We evaluated several areas and concluded we can provide better service here than anywhere else in the world, so we moved here.

 We have enough generators to power 10,000 homes in the data center.

Washington, DC (Ashburn, VA) Data Center Space:

  • Ashburn 1 (DC1) IBX Center: ~43,000 ft² (4,000 m²)
  • Ashburn 2 (DC2) IBX Center: ~147,600 ft² (13,700 m²)
  • Ashburn 3 (DC3) IBX Center: ~95,500 ft² (8,800 m²)
  • Ashburn 4 (DC4) IBX Center: ~100,000 ft² (9,300 m²)
  • Ashburn 5 (DC5) IBX Center: ~92,000 ft² (8,500 m²)

How about watch a video showing what is available and a video based tour.

NOTE: The video is direct from Equinix, do NOT contact Equinix directly unless you need multiple full racks - If that applies to you then we would love an opportunity to discuss your needs and help you position yourself to get the best deal possible. We can aid you in anything from choosing partners, choosing your backbone providers, giving you a backup 100mb connection to the internet, or anything else you may need.   

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