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OS: Which one and WHY?
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003 (phasing out, but we support for consistency in web farms with existing installs)
  • Linux - various distributions
  • Solaris / OpenSolaris

As IT PROs we each have our "preference" on plaforms, but in today's world they have truly blended to each having the same issues (bloated, GUI, patches).

  • Linux: If you're a windows guy, perhaps you notice Windows Server 2008 has "server core" without the GUI for more control like Linux and scriptable easier like Linux - It's about time. Or if you're a Linux guy, aren't most distributions getting to have a big bloated GUI like Windows? Drop the argument of windows is bloated unless you want to host on Linux From Scratch.
  • Windows: Anyone who says IIS isn't a competative platform hasn't read statistics, it's always been fast and they drove a LOT of innovation on the speed of web servers
  • Solaris / OpenSolaris: Remember the dot com bubble? If you do then you know Sun is a MAJOR factor in the internet's growth - Their operating system only improved over the years.

Let's face it, each has SOME advantage, but it's truly blended in the past 5 years to all 3 being pretty equal platforms (except at storage).

OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008

We mainly run and recommend Microsoft Windows Server 2008, however it's by no means exclusive.

All .Net sites are hosted on Windows Server 2008.
Customers with the likelihood to have mixed PHP and .Net are on Windows Server 2008.
Customers wanting exclusively PHP (Perl, or others) are given the choice of platforms.

TMI: Although technically we've done some mono hosting on Linux, and played with mono over the years, it really isn't worth the "cost savings" of abandoning windows for any business reason. That's not to say it's not fun as a geek to do, but for the trivial cost of windows server we don't find it worth the risk to host .Net on any other platform.

OS: Linux

Linux (specifically UbuntuCentOS and  SUSE are preferred) as each has distinct strengths but mostly because clients ask for the package management system they are familiar with.

We've always liked Linux more than we publically admitted assuming brand loyalty to Microsoft (even if exagerated) wuold be helpful - loyalty to Microsoft has proven useless so why hide the facts?

We've ALWAYS had a lot of critical items on Linux - our dns infrastructure (always from 1995), a large % of our email systems (always, since 1995), several monitoring apps, our support tracking system (apache + perl + mysql) and more.

Since we've managed such critical applications on Linux infrastructure for over a dozen years we can handle any needs you have on Linux.

OS: Solaris / OpenSolaris

We also quite extensively utilize OpenSolaris and our founder, Steve Radich, has become quite interested in Solaris (even probably more so than Linux).

If you wonder why OpenSolaris (most don't realize this is as powerful as it is) then you don't realize the other platforms are like using chisels in rocks to store your data (Yes, Sun *IS* that far ahead with ZFS).

Sun, the company behind Java, MySQL, and Solaris has a quite stable platform and we're embracing it.

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