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Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization.. We get it.. We got involved in VMWare I believe in 1998 (it was during the beta phase). The product looked perfect, we wanted to use it.. we had dozens of test virtualized servers... and...

We were told: You can't use our product for servers, servers won't work virtualized.

Yes, VMWare, the company that virtualizes servers today.. They told us we couldn't use our licenses (we only had a few) after spending hundreds, maybe close to a thousand hours completing our proof of concept and having dozens of customers ready to roll out on our new "secret" platform.

Fast forward a decade to today.. The world finally understands virtualization DOES work.

We prefer Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 and Microsoft Hyper-V.  We run a sizable repository of Virtual Serve 2005 FAQs on our resource site  - - If you run these products in house I suggest you bookmark that page. We need to add HyperV content but before it's release we couldn't.

We have OVER 2 YEARS experience with HYPER-V and it's concepts.
How if it's new? 3 letters, NDA.

We also have some other virtualization technologies in our labs that we feel are better, but they aren't ready yet.

So what can we virtualize for you today?

Investment   Ram Disk  IPs  Platform Notes: 
 $49/Month 512mb  32gb RAID Windows 2008 Server Web/Std/Enterprise*
 $99/Month 1024mb  50gb RAID Windows 2008 Server Web/Std/Enterprise* 
$79/Month  768mb  127gb RAID   Small Business Server w/ 5 CALs

* You provide a license key, or rent monthly for a very low cost.

 We can support a "virtualized lab" for your organization with any number of virtual machines and any configuration. If several you may want to consider:

Co-Managed Hyper-V Deployments:

Investment Ram Disk IPs Platform Notes:
$249/Month 8192mb (8gb) 4x150gb (300gb usable, RAID1) As Justified Hyper-V on Quad Core Server
$75/Month -- 2 Terrabyte iSCSI Storage -- Optional: Extra Storage

 The Co-Managed Hyper-V server would be exclusively yours, we assist you as little or as much as you would like with managing the server - the entire server resources are dedicated to your needs.

Internet Connections are billed if usage is over 0.25 megabit SUSTAINED (measured using industry standard 95 percentile billing). Rates are < $100/megabit (depending on volume). Very few virtual machines are paying for bandwidth, you probably don't need to worry about this.

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