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Web Services available from BitShop

BitShop has designed several useful little "gadget" web services which are available as part of your BitShop subscription.

Notification Service: Ever needed to notify someone of an event and relied on email (think of things like exception reports in your code) - but what if that user is on vacation or left the company? Do you have to recompile or change .config files? We have a better solution, supports email, some IM formats, fax (via 3rd party), telephone (coming soon) and can handle other notification types via calling another web service. Read More...

EMail validation: Checks an email address (contacts domains mail server to verify that server says the email is valid). Read More...

Spam Checker: Utilizes spamassassin (the leading open source spam fighting tool, which our spam filtering is based on) to check a message - The message can either be only a "body" (no headers), or a full email message with headers. Read more about why this is very useful. Read More...


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