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IT Professionals, let's talk technology...

If you don't understand technical terms *PLEASE* read our Small Biz section of our site - There we try to discuss everything in business terms for those not in the technology field.

Why does BitShop exist?

Back in 1995 our founder, Steve Radich, wanted to show off a sample of an online discussion group using SQL Server (version 4.3), IIS beta, and Microsoft's latest IDC/HTX pages - Probably all things you've either never heard of or at least not realized SQL had a version 4.3 :-)

The result was finding nowhere to host this, immediately the decision was made to order a server, a high speed internet connection, and get Steve's "idea" online.  Quickly it was realized that others faced the same challenge and Steve started a users group (called the Advanced IIS Users Group, AIISUG which no longer exists) - that was later merged with a larger group, with Steve on the board of directors for a while.

What's Changed?

We have decided for 2009 that the current model of hosting isn't what most IT Professionals today are looking for - Not because it's not accurate, but because even developers usually don't understand the difference between hosts, some offer a virtual site with a distinct application pool and distinct security creditials from a virtual site running in the DefaultAppPool. If you aren't aware, to run it in the DefaultAppPool is multitudes cheaper, and in many instances faster, however lacks sufficient security.

The advantage to the customer, all industry exaggeration aside, is trivial UNTIL something goes wrong - If nothing goes wrong you'll never have ANY reason to understand the difference, and once you see what happens if security isn't tight enough then I think many will decide paying 2000% more is a trivial cost for added security. Unfortunately usually the customer thinks I'll change to the next $5/month host and hope he does this better (when in reality you're just taking the same bet, with the same odds, at a different host).

I don't feel trying to explain this difference to most smaller clients is working any longer, and hence we're COMPLETELY revamping how we sell hosting.

What technologies do you use?

Source Control:

SVN (strong preference) and GIT all good free options - Of course there's commercial ones out there such as SourceGear Vault (recommended also), Microsoft Visual Studio Team Systems includes source control.


Please click various sections above to learn about each building block we can support, any combination of blocks may be used - After all YOU are the professional, YOU tell us what YOU NEED - Let's not make you choose a "package" - The ONLY reason for a package is to bill it, not to tell you what's available.


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