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Microsoft MVP Specials

Microsoft MVP DiscountsI, Steve Radich (founder of BitShop) was an IIS and Classic ASP MVP, was on a board for a very large users group years ago - as such I understand your distinct needs. I want to reward you in the best way I can with my resources, deep discounts on your hosting - You give to the community, this is my way of showing gratitude and appreciation for all you do for our field and industry.

Often you want the latest and greatest betas to showcase your examples, yet you want a stable hosting platform for other content. Sometimes you want that to be a seperate web site from your production web site.. You perhaps even need some extra packages that aren't public betas installed to try things remotely.

This offer is open to users group leaders to use for the groups web site / hosting also.

We offer our IIS-Cloud and Win-Cloud to meet these needs. The IIS-Cloud provides reliable IIS hosting - This is primarily meant for production sites although we do support some of hte more popular CTPs and/or Betas for which you can ensure a Go-Live license is valid - If you can secure a Go-Live agreement for us to host it we'll host it on this platform for the more popular concepts - By putting this in a shared environment we're able to put other MVPs and interested testers on the same platform - It's a win/win in my opinion, we get the early knowledge of troubleshooting and it pushes us to learn the latest technologies coming down the pipeline.

For the technologies we deem less popular we will provide you a Win-Cloud platform - This will be a dedicated Windows 2008 Server which you may install anything you wish.

We provide you with SQL Server space of course for your sites, and multiple databases if requested.

We're happy to accomodate special requests from Microsoft MVPs, this applies to both your resource sites and your consultant / small business web sites.

We provide deep discounts to MVPs, contact us with your needs, desires, and some idea of traffic expected to the sites. We'll be happy to work with you, many times absolutely free.

Steve Radich


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