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Rotary Club Incubation

I personally (Steve Radich, Founder of BitShop) want to see your Rotary Club use the web to grow.

I dedicated 100+ hours so far in 2009 to this effort, we have a few Rotary Clubs buildings sites on this platform now but want to see MANY more.

There is NO COST for your club web site. I do ask you to make a donation in my name to one of the RI funds, however it's 100% voluntary.

Presidential Citation Help?

  • Advance the recognition of Public Image of Rotary : Is your web site as good as it could be? Is it your public image? Our infrastructure makes it very easy for your club to build a modern web site. We'll make it easy for you to say it.
  • Increase Rotary's capacty to provide service: We want you to be able to communicate your projects better to the community, and your members, we feel these tools (the list server especially) can help get this word out, hopefully that attracts more volunteers and/or donors to make the projects more successful.
  • Expand membership globally in both numbers and quality: We hope by getting your club a better online image it helps you increase membership.
  • Optimize Leadership talents within RI: The web can help your leaders get the word out. They will get new talents to do things online they currently can't currently do, the tools are extremely easy to learn. This doesn't help with leadership perhaps, but it frees your leaders to spend time on other tasks instead of learning to edit their site - Many people who currently can't communicate well online CAN using these tools.
  • Eradicate Polio: What? A web site is going to do this goal? Ok, no, not exactly. Here's my idea though - Payment for services should be sent to RI to be credited in my name - You can designate any program, Polio Plus will help with this goal though :-)


Do we want to compete with your existing webmaster? Do we want to take control of your site content? NO - In fact you'll need someone to continue to help with your site. Instead we'll provide ALL the tools for someone in your club or a local contact to utilize the web better for your club. We will however help you if desired whenever you need help, including doing any updates by sending us an email for example - This will be billed work if requested. You will NEVER need to do this.

What we have is a platform, like ClubWizard (which I wasn't aware of when I started development of this platform). Our platform is technically better I feel, but additionally we base it on open source software. This means it can be expanded by us, by you, by club members who are programmers, or anyone else that wishes to be part of a volunteer team to bring new features to clubs. We'll open this whole process up to other programmers who can make it better for the clubs.

The other companies offerings are commercial, and although good, don't allow for customizations if a programmer happens to be in your club.  It's either "take it or leave it".

We provide the INFRASTRUCTURE for you, server hosting, network connections, backups, 24/7 availability, etc. and have staff who can customize things if your club has the budget and wants to pursue commercial modifications (all clubs will benefit unless you specifically request the changes NOT to be shared with other clubs). Below are some features available NOW:

  • Unlimited number of web pages
  • Unlimited news releases
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited calendar items / upcoming events.
  • Unlimited photo albums
  • Your new site is easy to edit, with a few mouse clicks you can make changes and immediately they appear on your site.  
  • Ability to "Blog" about your meetings, upcoming events, newsletters, and anything else.
  • Ability to upload archived documents (PDF newsletters for example)
  • Ability to have a private area for your club members (to view whichver information you wish to place there) - For example meeting minutes, budgets, anything else your club wishes to share internally.
  • EMail discussion lists for your club members
  • Unlimited future potential, we build the site on a scalable web development platform that has hundreds of custom modules available which you can purchase if our free ones don't meed your needs.
  • Unlimited video hosting to show videos of your club activities.
  • I'm COMMITTED to growing the feature list. We will add features, training videos and more based on conversations with YOU. 
    • We provide UNLIMITED training videos to help you use the new site, available to all your members - By unlimited I mean we'll develop a video to answer your question when they come up. This way other clubs can later learn from your question. We'll follow up to make sure your question is fully answered.

Email to begin your discsussion with us.

In appreciate for everything Rotarians do for the world,

Steve Radich -
BitShop, Inc. -
Please view my LinkedIn profile above..


  1. Contact with your club #, contact info, and web site address if you have one.  Tell us a little about what you want to do (which features interest you most)
  2. We will follow up with a few comments / questions, possibly a couple emails back and forth..
  3. We'll set up a new site for you with a premade template, you'll need to spend about one hour customizing it for your club.
  4. When you are ready: Update your domain name to point to our servers, at that point the site will go "live" so the world can see it. You can buy a domain name through BitShop if you don't already have one. 

Watch a video about how our easy editing works:

Adding a "Blog" to your site:


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